Do’s and Don’ts in Tirumala
To maintain the curriculum of the temple we are suggesting some rules to follow in the form of do’s and don’ts, which will be displayed at various places in Lord Venkateswar Swamy temple at Papanashi tanda, Balaji nagar for the information of shedload of pilgrims to the holy place.

Observe complete silence and chant “OM NAMO BAGHAVATE VASUDEVAYA”, “Om Namo Venkatesaya” inside the temple.

Wear mask and follow all the Covid-19 guidelines.

Bathe in the Swami Pushkarini and worship Sri Bhu Varaha Swamy in his temple before you go to worship Lord Sri Venkateshwara Swamy.

Bathe and wear clean clothes before you enter the sanctum shrine of Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy.

Concentrate on Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy inside the temple.

Respect ancient customs and usages while at srivari.

Respect and promote religious sentiments among co-pilgrims.

Deposit your offerings only in the Hundi.

Wear a tilak in accordance with your religious affiliation.

Follow the procedures of the temple and wait for your turn for the darshan of the Lord.
Don't Wear footwear in and around the premises of the temple.

Don't Come to Balaji Nagar for any purpose other than worshipping the Lord.

Don't Carry much jewellery and cash with you.

Don't Wear any head guards such as helmets, caps, turbans and hats inside the temple .

Don't Approach touts for accommodation and darshan.

Don't Prostrate (sastanga danda pranamam) inside the temple.

Don't Throw away the prasadam and teertham given to you at the temple.

Don't Eat non-vegetarian food or consume liquor or other intoxicants and smoke while in Papanashi Tanda, Gadag.

Don't Commit any act of violence or harshness in the temple premises.

Don't Rush in for darshan instead of waiting for your turn in the queue.

Don't Wear flowers at Srivari temple, as all flowers of the sacred are for the Lord only.

Don't Encourage beggars.

Don't Spit or be a nuisance inside the temple premises.